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Dr. Med. Burkhard Madea, University Professor
Director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine, University Bonn

"Burkhard Madea (1957) is since 1996 full professor of forensic medicine and head of the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the University of Bonn. He teaches in four faculties of the university and his research interests cover the whole field of forensic medicine. He is author and editor of more than 30 books, for instance 'Estimation of the Time since Death' or 'Handbook of Forensic medicine', and 600 papers. Many of his former co-workers received leading positions in forensic medicine and forensic toxicology."

Lutea A.A. van Gendt – de Jong PharmD PhD, Hospital Pharmacist
Gelre ziekenhuizen Apeldoorn/Zutphen

Lutske Aafke Anna (Lutea) van Gendt – de Jong was born on 17 April 1976 in Franeker, The Netherlands. In 1994, she received her pre-university degree at the Slauerhoff College in Leeuwarden. At the University of Groningen, she obtained her pharmacy degree in 1999. Subsequently, she started her PhD-research at the department of Bioanalyses & Toxicology (University of Groningen) and received her doctor’s degree on the 27th of January 2006 on the thesis entitled: “Development and application of receptor assays for Bioanalysis and Toxicology; The dopamine D2S receptor, the μ-opioid receptor and the benzodiazepine receptor”. During this PhD course, she stayed 3 months at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Baltimore, United States of America in the group of Irving W. Wainer. In 2006 she received her degree as a pharmacist and registered as a hospital pharmacist in 2014. In between she worked as a researcher/Trial Manager at the company Brainson-Line in Groningen (Patent Application PCT/NL2008/050155; WO2008/094043: “Method for the determination of an analyte comprising a primary amino group, and kit for labelling said analyte SymDAQTM”) The Netherlands and as a pharmacist at Gelre Hospitals, Apeldoorn/Zutphen, The Netherlands. In July 2014 she started her current position as professional head of the laboratory in the pharmacy department of the Gelre hospitals in Apeldoorn and Zutphen.

Dr. Ted Chan, MD, Professor and Chair
Department of Emergency Medicine University of California, San Diego

Dr. Chan is Professor and Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at UC San Diego. His research has been supported by the NIH, HRSA, NSF, US Dept of Justice, and private foundations. Dr. Chan is editor of the Cardiology section of the Journal of Emergency Medicine; and has authored and edited 3 textbooks: Atlas of Emergency Procedures, ECG in Emergency Medicine and Acute Care, and Sudden Deaths in Custody.

Sebastian Lucas, emeritus professor of pathology
Part time morbid anatomist and teacher
Hononary consultant pathologist , Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, London,UK

Sebastian Lucas has practiced morbid anatomy for 45 years, working in London and several countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Since the late 1970s, infectious disease pathology dominated his life, and he has done much work on the clinical pathology of HIV infection, as well as other tropical and local European infections. This has been through both biopsy and autopsy activity. He has authored many guidelines on safe working practices in the mortuary.

Dr. Bart G.H. Latten, MD, Forensic Pathologist
Netherlands Forensic Institute

dr. Bart Latten (1987) is a medical doctor trained in forensic medicine, clinical and forensic pathology. As a forensic pathologist working at the Netherlands Forensic Institute he is involved in multiple expert panels. His research is focused on the use of post mortem radiology for clinical and forensic pathology, and as such he is involved in the RAPTOR study. To contribute to the development of forensic medicine he is a member of the committee for science and education of the FMG, the editorial board of the NTFG journal, and an assessor for the NRGD expertise ‘Forensic Medicine’. He is the vice president of the quality network postmortem investigations of the NVVP and a senior member of the autopsy working group of the ESP.

Agathe Ribéreau-Gayon, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, CANADA

Dr Agathe Ribéreau-Gayon is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières in Canada. She is an Associate Researcher at the International Centre for Compared Criminology and the Research Group on Forensic Science.

Agathe holds a PhD in Forensic Anthropology from University College London (UCL) in the UK and she graduated with two Masters from UCL and Bordeaux University in France. Her research focusses on forensic taphonomy in aquatic and terrestrial environments. She published her research in a range of journals of international standing. She has been leading several interdisciplinary research projects in collaboration with academics, practitioners, and police services across Canada, the USA, Europe, and the UK. Agathe’s current research is supported financially by the Fonds de Recherche du Québec, the International Centre for Compared Criminology, the Research Group on Forensic Science, and the Gendarmerie Nationale in France. Agathe is also an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has four-year teaching experience at Postgraduate level at UCL.


Professor Guy Rutty, Chief Forensic Pathologist, Home Office Registered Forensic Pathologist. Head of East Midlands Forensic Pathology Unit

The East Midlands Forensic Pathology Unit, also known as the ‘EMFPU’, is a Home Office recognised Group Practice. Established in 2001 and situated at the Leicester Royal Infirmary, EMFPU combines high quality forensic pathology and post mortem radiology research and teaching with forensic pathology service provision to the East Midlands and other national and international organisation.


Dr. Philip Nitschke, Founder & Director of Exit International

In 1996, Philip Nitschke was the first physician in the world to administer a legal, lethal voluntary injection to four patients under the Northern Territory’s Rights of the Terminally Ill Act.

As the Founder of Exit International and author of the Peaceful Pill Handbook, Philip’s current work focuses on the 3D-printed ‘Sarco’ euthanasia capsule which will be used in Switzerland in early 2022.


Rian Teeuw MD PhD, Pediatrician in social pediatrics
Emma Childrens Hospital, Amsterdam UMC

Rian Teeuw is head of the department of Social Pediatrics in the Emma Children’s Hospital, head of the Child Abuse and Neglect Team of Amsterdam UMC and participating paediatrician in the Dutch Expertise Center Child Abuse (DECCA) and in The Dutch Center for Sexual Violence.



prof.dr. Wim van de Voorde, University professor forensic biomedical sciences KU Leuven, 
Director department forensic medicine University Hospitals Leuven

Wim Van de Voorde (1958) is full professor forensic medicine and medical deontology. He teaches at the faculty of medicine (medicine and biomedical sciences) and the faculty of law (criminology). He got, after his PhD in clinical pathology, his training in forensic pathology at the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the university of Zürich. He is member of the Belgian National Council of Physicians and expert at the Belgian and Dutch National Register of Judicial Experts (forensic medicine / pathology). He is the author of the textbook ‘Forensische Geneeskunde’ (3th edition) and of over 100 papers. 

Thekla Vrolijk-Bosschaart MD PhD, child and youth psychiatrist in training

Thekla Vrolijk-Bosschaart received her medical degree in 2011 and after a view years of working in Pediatrics she started her PhD within the Amsterdam University Medical Centers, AMC, with in the Child Abuse and Neglect team (TASK). She received her degree in 2018 on her thesis called ‘Recognizing child sexual abuse, an unrelenting challenge’ and developed the Dutch guideline for pediatricians ‘ Diagnostics in (suspected) child sexual abuse’ for the Dutch federation of pediatricians (NVK). Currently she works at the LUMC-Curium as a child and youth psychiatrist in training.

Dr. Jaap Timmer, assistant professor of Public Administration
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Faculty of Social Sciences

Jaap Timmer (1959) is a sociologist at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). In 1991 he started his research on danger and violence in police work. Timmer gained his PhD with a dissertation on Police Use of Force [Politiegeweld, 2005]. Timmer teaches in the bachelor Public Administration & Organizational Science and in the master Governance of Security.



Prof.dr. Michael Freeman, Ph.D. (Med.Dr .M.Sc.F.M.S .M.P.H.)
Associate Professor of Forensic Medicine at Maastricht University Medical Center

Prof. dr. Michael Freeman is a tenured associate professor of forensic medicine and epidemiology at Maastricht University Medical Center and a joint clinical professor of psychiatry and public health and preventative medicine at Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine. Prof. Freeman has published around 230 scientific papers, books, and book chapters, primarily focusing on issues relating to forensic applications of epidemiology and general and specific causation. Prof. Freeman holds 6 university degrees, including a doctor of medicine degree from Umeå University in Sweden, and a Ph.D. in epidemiology from Oregon State University.


Andrea Walraven-Thissen, Critical Incident Manager

Andrea specializes in incident management during and after large scale incidents, terrorism and in suicide postvention. She is a member of the EUCVT advisory board and works and lectures in many countries. In her book “Responding after suicide; a practical guide to immediate postvention”(JKP Hachette 2019) Andrea shared her experience from working over 20 years in this field. She is Dutch and currently based in Germany. Her background is in psychiatric nursing, psychotraumatology and working with blue light services. Twitter is: @Walrathis


Esther Croes MD PhD MSc MA, senior research associate
Trimbos Institue

Esther Croes worked for a couple of years in surgery, after her medical degree (cum laude) and a degree as art historian. At the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam she obtained a PhD and a MSc in (genetic) epidemiology. For more than 15 years, she is working at the Trimbos Institute, the national institute on mental health and addiction, with a focus on medical emergencies of drug use, drug-related death, drug-related infectious disease, and (quite different) tobacco control. For publications, see https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Esther-Croes/research

dr. André De Zutter, Assistant Professor
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Dr. André De Zutter is a Legal Psychologist at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). In 2010 he started his research on true and false allegations of rape at Maastricht University. Since 2016 he works at the VU where he teaches Legal Psychology, conducts research on legal psychology topics, and works as an expert witness for Dutch and Flemish courts.


Dyonne Pennings, senior adviseur
Nationaal Rapporteur Mensenhandel en Seksueel Geweld tegen Kinderen

Dyonne Pennings is a senior advisor with the Dutch National Rapporteur on Human Trafficking and Sexual Violence against Children. She has previously worked as a specialised social worker with sexually exploited children and their families in London in child protection services. Recently, she worked on a research on the backgrounds of victims of sexual exploitation and child victims of sexual violence and currently she is working on a research on young perpetrators of sexual violence against children.


Jan de Jong, teamleader
Amsterdam police Vice department

I am working at the police in Amsterdam since 1979. After several different departments I joined the Vice squad in 2006 as a teamleider of detectives who mainly handled sexual child abuse cases. In 2010 I became operational teamleader of the entire office.



Roelof-Jan Oostra, MD, PhD, Professor of Clinical and Comparative Morphology
Department of Medical Biology, section Clinical Anatomy and Embryology | Amsterdam UMC

Roelof-Jan Oostra studied medicine in Amsterdam. He received his MD in 1992 and his PhD in 1996. In 1997 he became lecturer at the department of Anatomy & Embryology of the University of Amsterdam. He was appointed curator of the anatomical collections (Museum Vrolik) and conducted the morphological and radiological investigations of specimens with congenital anomalies. In 2004 he became head of the section Clinical Anatomy & Embryology. In the Master of Forensic Science of the UvA he co-developed the courses Complex Crime Scenes and Physical & Forensic Anthropology. In 2008 he was appointed Full Professor of Clinical and Comparative Morphology. His present research focuses on embryonic (dys)morphology and on human anthropology and taphonomy. He is the founder of the Amsterdam Research Initiative for Subsurface Taphonomy and Anthropology (ARISTA) which includes the first forensic cemetery in Europe.

Laura de Vito, Legal advisor
Nederlandse Vereniging voor een Vrijwillig Levenseinde (NVVE)

As legal advisor of the Dutch Right to Die Society NVVE, Laura is expert in the field of the prohibition of assisted suicide, the legal basis of advance directives and the history of the Dutch Law on Euthanasia. In 2019 she brought her expertise to an international level, as she began to work for the Worldfederation of Right to Die Societies (WFRtDS).


Isabelle Giraudon, Principal scientific analyst — Health consequences

Isabelle Giraudon is an epidemiologist an principal scientific analyst working on health consequences related to drug use at the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA). She is responsible for two epidemiological indicators of the agency, including drug-related deaths and mortality; and drug-related emergencies. This work includes research on morbidity, acute toxicity, fatal overdoses and overall mortality among problem drug users. She is also involved in the monitoring of infectious diseases and harms related to new psychoactive substances in Europe.
A French national, she specialised in public health (MSc), pharmaco-epidemiology and field epidemiology (European Programme for Intervention Epidemiology training - EPIET). She has work experiences at local, regional and national levels in several countries. She worked in western Africa, France (OFDT) and England (HPA/Public Health England), on primary health care, viral hepatitis, HIV, early warning system on drugs, and in the drug field.


prof. Bregje Onwuteaka-Philipsen, Professor of end-of-life research
Dept. of public and occupational health, Amsterdam UMC

Bregje Onwuteaka-Philipsen leads the research group public health at the end of life and chairs the expertise center for palliative care at Amsterdam UMC. Important themes in her research are advance care planning, palliative care and end-of-life decision-making. Since 1995 she has been involved in the evaluation of the regulation of physician-assisted death (since 2005 evaluation of the euthanasia law) that takes place every 5 years.


mr. Richard Korver, lawyer
Richard Korver advocaten, Amsterdam 

Richard Korver has been a lawyer since 2000. Besides his work as a lawyer he is the chairman of LANGZS (national network for lawyers that assist victims of violence and sex offences. In addition, Korver is active as a lecturer at various institutes.



drs. Cécile Woudenberg-van den Broek, forensic physician, head trainer of forensic medicine, PhD student in forensic medicine
NSPOH, Stichting Ars Cogniscendi / Universiteit Maastricht, GGD Haaglanden

Cécile Woudenberg-van den Broek is a medical doctor trained in forensic medicine. She works as a forensic physician for the Municipal Health Services of the The Hague region (GGD Haaglanden). She is also head trainer of the forensic medicine training in the Netherlands at the Netherlands School of Public and Occupational Health (NSPOH). Additionally, she is working on her PhD in forensic medicine on the subject of the foundations of the Dutch system of postmortem examination


Pieterjan Sjoukema Msc., expert in forensic biological traces and DNA analysis
Netherlands Forensic Institute

Pieterjan Sjoukema (1989) has a Bachelor and Erasmus Mundus Master degree in Forensic Science. He started his career in 2012 at the Human Biological Traces division of the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) doing DNA kinship analysis. Since 2017, he has reported and coordinated DNA research in hundreds of criminal cases. Pieterjan Sjoukema is registered as an expert in the field of Forensic Human Biological Traces and DNA at the Netherlands Register of Court Experts (NRGD) since 2019.


prof. mr. dr. Wilma Duijst 
professor of Forensic Medicine and Criminal Health Law, Maastricht University

Wilma Duijst is a lawyer and a forensic physician. She is a professor in forensic medicine and criminal law at the Maastricht University. She works at the community health service in Zwolle as a forensic physician. She was a judge for 15 years. She is a teacher at training for forensic physicians and coaches PhD students in the field of decomposition, postmortem investigation, child abuse and dying under the responsibility of the state.